Friday, October 17, 2014

After a brief respite, the story resumes continuing... (Rett part 7)

       Auric goes through the portal before everyone else, and upon following him we find ourselves surrounded by pine trees, two stones and a large house nearby. A patrol of two trolls and two drakes are circling the house. Vedania and Kerri sneak into the house, and upon seeing no one, grab their friends. Exploring the house, the group finds nothing until Vadania enters a room where there are some enemies. They ask what up and Vadania makes up a story about how she is a starving traveler and they tell her to get out quick. She backs up and they explore around upstairs a bit
       Upon exiting the room they see two heavily armored men. We briefly engage the group, but realize that we should meet with Talos, the owner of the house. As it turns out, our views on Rezmir align and we get help from her in leading us to Rezmir at Skyreach castle. 

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