Thursday, October 16, 2014

My power! I can feel it returning. I am getting closer to transcending this pitiful vessel...

I felt it one day. A surge of energy that went through me and reminded me of clouds, and the glorious sun shining radiant in the heavens. On our trip, I traveled with a caravan... and the bandits that found it learned to FEAR MY PRESENCE.

The first sign of bandits, my blood began to flow through my veins as if it were liquid flame. I felt energy like never before, and I leapt out of the caravan...

And flew.

For the first time since I was stuck in this pitiful vessel, I flew. Reveling in this newly recovered feeling, I gazed with contempt upon the group of bandits below me. With a roar the like of which I haven't produced in decades, I called down a ball of fire upon these creatures, and watched as they burned.

All evil on this earth will remember to fear my name.

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