Friday, October 17, 2014

The final resumption of the continuation of the story continuing... (Rett part 8)

Talos sends us to Parnast, and we run into Auric. We take a beautiful 5 mile walk and we just get really refreshed by it, since we have been in bogs and the like. We come to a logging camp in a rabine and we can see an ice tower. Some villagers ignore us and the like. We find a well and meet Mikeas, a 'humble villager' (Wearing armor under his clothing). He leads us to Ocelot, who is immediatly stabbed by Vadania, who disengages and gets back in line with the rest of the group. After a pause, Auric uses flame hands to burn three of the guards, killing them. Oghren smashes the veteran in the face, and Vadania stabs Ocelot again. He shouts "release the castle" and the group runs out, trying to jump on the castle. Unfortunately the castle lifts off quickly, and they can't quite get on.
       Unable to do so, the group turns and Osthen manages to stab Vadania. Ohgren smacks him and we kill Ocelot. He has some sort of second wind, however, and stabs Vadania. A guard who was hurt earlier by the fire runs over to open some stables, revealing two Wyvrens. The adventurers go on the wyvrens and

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