Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ben (Auric)'s Flame of Loss

I seem to have lost my fire.

I remember the days when I could incinerate an army of zombies with a single breath. When I soared sky high over the Sword Mountains.

This pitiful body depresses me. I might still be able to breath flames from my mouth, but after a few brief flames, I feel exhausted... and the dragon fire refuses to come. Having this tiny knife instead of my great claws would be hilarious if it weren't so pitiful. What kind of world would fear a tiny golden man with a knife? I would've laughed at such a man...

And I even failed in my pledge to preserve lives! Even that orc-woman, who seemed so tough, perished before I could even look her in the eyes.

I. Need. My. Power. Back.

These cultists will fall beneath my wrath. I will see it done. THE POWER OF GOOD MUST PREVAIL!

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