Thursday, October 16, 2014

Oh, you want to make a plot-finding check? Ok, fine

Not in character this time.

I DM'd episode 5. In it, the characters had to travel farther up the road, easily dispatching a troll on the way.

This ended up being about 80% of the whole thing.

It was SUPPOSED to be an awesome series of stealthy, sneaky, information-gathering missions performed by the characters to figure out where the cultist supplies were being sent. It also potentially involved a couple awesome duels for Kerri or Oghren to take care of in epic ways.

Sadly, the characters essentially rolled natural 20s on their "plot-finding" checks, and somehow took the SHORTEST POSSIBLE ROUTE TO THE END OF THE ADVENTURE. It was unstoppable. It was amazing. It was even sadder than the instant-kill of the boss that Vadania performed in my previous stint as DM.

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