Thursday, October 16, 2014

The story resumes... (Rett part 4)

When we ambushed Mandeth we discovered the treasure from various raids is heading north to the town of Elturel. Nighthill had got us horses for the ride to Elturel, which we arrive at in 2 days.
       The city is pretty standard, but has one distinguishing feature, a large sphere of light hovering above the town. Ontharr Frum, Zasheir's mentor meets us in the town, and we quickly befriend him. We ride horses together, and exchange war stories. Afterwards Frum asks us to join the organization the Order of the Gauntlet. Leosin is with us and is part of the Harpers, a less organized group.
       Zashier, Auric, and Oghren join the Order, whereas Vadania joins the Harpers. Onthar makes sure that everyone changes clothing and general appearance. The group is asked to head to Baulder's gate, where they would get on a caravan and ride to chase the cultists.
      Upon arrival to Baulder's gate we find work on the caravan,but also notice that several cultists from before also join the caravan. We embark, meeting several new people. Auric won a charisma contest against Zashier, to her disdain, and meets more people than her. For six days the caravan travels along without incident, but the sixth day a one of the cultist caravan turns over and breaks a wheel. Zashier mends the wheel and the caravan continues on.
       The next day a nobel tries to kill his horse but Vadanania stealthily cuts her free.
       The day after the group sees a head in the road, with "Oathbreaker" written on his head. We find out that he was supposed to marry this girl, but her father and brother were bandits, and he was supposed to join. We dig him up and fill the hole, continuing on.
       The next day we try to set up camp, but screaming mushrooms start growing. We have to cut them down and Vadania and Zashier cannot continue, and are overwhelmed by emotion.
       We stop at an inn and run into several other adventurers, who claim they have been on adventures even greater than ours.  Knowing this couldn't possibly be true we check their armor, and discover that it is made out of wood. Aurin lights the armor on fire, and the 'adventurers' are revealed for what they are. We also encounter a Red Wizard of Thay, who does not talk much.
        The next few days Oghren notices one of the cultists is watching Vadania intently. At night, she awakens to a man holding a knife above her. She springs into action and disarms the man, before holding a knife to his neck. He already knows her name and tries to run, but she kicks him down, and slits his throat.
       The next day we see this gnome named Gleamsilver. She plucks out an object from all of our oatmeals, claiming the cult put them in. Should we have eaten them, they would unfold and puncture our guts with needles, slowly and painfully killing us. We meet with her at night and she asks us for information on the cultists and on the Red Wizard of Thay. The last day of the journey Vadania is accused of killing a cultist. The Red Wizard of Thay dispells the situation, however, and the Cultists give nothing more than cruel looks. We arrive to the town of Waterdeep and meet up with Kerri, who had ridden a different way. 

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