Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Story begins to continue on again (Rett part 5)

The caravan rolls into waterdeep (Heh, roll). The cultists split off from the rest of the caravan, and we follow them. After finding out where the cultists decided to sleep, we go to a tavern. Vadania discovers that a black, lizard/snake man was in town last week, and they were heading north. Kerri got into a crazy bar fight, picking up a man by the shoulder and throwing them out the door, into the street.
We need to head north, so we ask around and learn about the Highroad Charter company, lead by Ardred Briferhew. In order to persuade him that he needs us as guards, Kerri takes on three guards while Vadania does a quadruple backflip. Kerri incapacitates the first with a heavy blow. Undaunted, the men attack, but Kerri does not let up, and cripples another with an epic blow. Grappling the last, of the men, Kerri asserts her dominance. Ardred hires the group, and they embark on the caravan
      Nothing happens for the first five days, until on the fifth day the group hears a loud gurgling noise. It is a giant troll, who barrells towards the center wagon. Kerri punches the troll and proceeds to grapple with it. At this point the guards begin to wail on the troll, Zashier firing a guiding bolt, Vadania slicing its face with a rapier, and Oghren slamming it with his maul. Kerri is attacked twice by the troll, but she manages to drag it over away from the caravan and knocks the creature prone. The group swarms onto the troll and Oghren smashes its face in with a maul.

      The rest of the trip goes off with a hitch, and the group arrives at the Carnath Roadhouse, halfway between Neverwinter and Waterdeep. In town, Vadania listens in on the cultists and hears the words Strongroom, tunnel, lizard folk, and Bogluck. Vadania searched for traps in the town, and finds none! They enter the warehouse and see a locked door, which is quickly picked by Vadania. The group scours the room, and discovers a secret tunnel underneath an empty chest. They enter the tunnel and journey into the dark.

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