Thursday, October 16, 2014

Playing Kerri

During the episode that Ben DMs, I've been playing a Barbarian character named Kerri. Her grandmother was a famous dragonslayer, and she's ready to carry on that legacy. Thanks (again!) to Holly Slang, Kerri has been consistently one level higher than the rest of the party, and her randomly generated (with a really lucky roll) Gauntlets of Ogre Power let her attack with impunity. Kerri's real strength is in grappling, however - with a level in Rogue (for Expertise on grapple checks) and the Tavern Brawler ability to grapple a character for free after hitting them with an unarmed strike, she's able to hold an enemy down while she pounds on it.

During the first episode ("Greenest in Flames"), Kerri accepted the half-dragon Langdedrosa Cyanwrath's challenge to single combat in order to protect some villagers. She went into a Barbarian rage and attempted to grapple the creature into submission, but his superior attacks won the day - thankfully, he kept his word and released the prisoners.

During our exploration of the Dragon Hatchery caves, Kerri encountered Cyanwrath again and challenged him to a rematch - after all, how would she claim honor in battle if she was unable to defeat a half-dragon, let alone a real one! The battle was fierce, and Kerri endured multiple hits of Cyanwrath's lightning breath, but all appeared lost when the half-dragon managed a critical hit on Kerri, breaking through her defenses and striking her down - but wait! Thanks to the Second Chance at Life donation power,  Kerri recovered and counterattacked, driving the half-dragon to his knees. He surrendered with honor, and the battle was won with no lives lost by either side.

Playing Kerri has been a very different experience from the calculating and resourceful characters I usually play, but nevertheless I've greatly enjoyed it. Thank you all again for following along...

... now it's my turn to kill the party. Episode 4, here we come!


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