Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Story So Far... (Rett part 1)

This is the Story of a group of adventurers who seek the destruction of the Cult of the dragon Queen. The Group consists of Kerri (Sydney) a human barbarian, Vadania (Rett) an elf rogue, and Sharakaka (Leah) a half orc fighter.

The journey begins as the group was peacefully traveling along the road when they come upon the burning image of the town of Greenest. A dragon is flying above the town, and screaming can be heard. The adventurers run up to the town and see a small family crossing the road, being chased by kobolds. The group fights off the kobolds, and proceeds to sneak through town towards the keep.  Running into a group of purple cloaked figures, Vadania, the rogue of the group, pulls the family to the shadows and creeped back another direction.
       Meanwhile, Kerri, the barbarian, and Sharakaka, a fighter, hold off the purple hooded figures, before disengaging and spilling barrels full of perfectly preserved bananas, covering the street in a slippery layer of delicious fruit. The group runs into the keep and meets the mayor of the town, Nighthill Maayor of This Town. He explains that a dragon ravaged the town and that groups of purple hooded figures are running rampant. Escobert the Red, a dwarf explains a way to get out of the keep without going through the front gate. We go down through the keep out of a (not) sewer.
       Once out of the (not) sewer, we find a small group of cultists and manage to capture one after a brief struggle, killing the rest. We take him back to Nighthill, Maayor of This Town, who proceeds to interrogate the prisoner. We find that he is a member of the Cult of the Dragon Queen, whose goal is to usher in the reign of the queen of dragons. We find out that they have a camp nearby, and they have dragon eggs. After the interrogation, Nighthill drags the prisoner down to the dungeon.
       At that moment, Escobert frantically rushes into the room, alerting the adventurers that the dragon has returned to the town.

       On the Keep walls, the adventurers debate a plan of action as the dragon takes two swoops killing 9 guards. As the dragon swoops back around Sharakaka manages to pierce it in the armpit, annoying the dragon enough to have it seemingly leave, not to come back again. The guards breathe a sigh of relief. We find out a new threat has appeared
       The cultists are trying to burn down a mill outside of town. Attempting to help out, we run over to the mill and engage the cultists. In the fight, Kerri (Sydney) goes into a a rage, and rerolling with reckless strike, shouting,"Im a reckless kind of girl!" Having successfully defended the mill, the adventurers return to the keep. Nighthill brings the group to the top of the keep and shows the group a small circle of cultists surrounding  a blue scaled humanoid dragon like being. This creature reveals 4 prisoners and asks to face the strongest warrior in the keep.
       Kerri accepts the challenge, charging in flail ready. At the last moment Kerri drops her flail and lands a punch in the warrior's groin. The warrior swings twice but Kerri manages to dodge the first two. Another heavy punch by Kerri manages to land, but the warrior still fights on, landing a blow on Kerri. Kerri lands one more punch but is finally hit hard by another greatsword slash, incapacitating her. The dragon creature stabs her with a dagger, but is satisfied and leaves with his group. Nightville Maayor of This Town brings out some clerics and manages to stabilize Kerri, allowing her to live. Nighthill presents Kerri with two health potions. The group goes to sleep, and Kerri is in the process of being healed.

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