Thursday, October 16, 2014

Leah's take on some of the beginning things.

A  dragon is attacking the keep! We foolishly head to the top of the battlements and watch it fry three guards. Apparently dragons don't like crossbow bolts to the armpit though. It flies away. (shakarakaka shot it real good).

We run off to keep cultists from burning down a mill.

Sidney yells, "I'm a reckless kind of girl" as Kerri punches the penultimate cultist in the face. the last cultist runs away. 

Sidney wins a guessing game and so invokes one on one combat with the dragonborn commander. Kerri's first move is to rage and grapple. She draws her flail, drops it, and goes in for the unarmed strike. A hit to the groin!
Dragonborn breaks free of the grapple. He attacks twice, but misses on both attempts. 
Kerri attempts another punch-grapple combo. The punch is a resounding success. The grapple not so much.
Patterns continue as the Dragonborn attacks twice, hitting once. 
Punch&shield&grapple power. Punch success. Grapple fail.
Two swords attack Kerri. One hits. Kerri is down. The dragonborn stabs her in the throat and steps back. Clerics run out to stabilize her. The cultists trickle out of the town center. The Mayor-of-this-Town rewards kerri with two potions of healing.

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