Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Journey continues. (Rett part 3)

The adventurers return to Greenest with Leoric the monk and reunite with Kerri. After receiving the reward for the initial quest, they are asked by Loric to return to the camp in order to see what else the raiders want. Auric remains in Greenest to train, and meet up with Nighthill. The adventurers return to the camp, only to find it mostly abandoned.  They see 4 men dressed in leather, but other than that no one is visible. They don't seem too interested, however, and the group explores the camp, not finding anything of interest.
        Discovering not much, the group goes down to the caves and is ambushed by two cultists. Kerri grapples one and Vadania makes short work of the other. Upon being interrogated, the cultist reveals that he is guarding his master, and nothing else. The Adventurers kill him and continue into the cave finding a cavern with a roof lined with bats. The group attempts to sneak through the cave but is not quiet enough and the bats startle, flying throughout the cave. 10 sturges awaken and the adventurers begin to take on some damage. The adventurers are able to fight them off, and continue on through the dungeon.
       They trigger a trap on a set of stairs and release large boulders. They hear some kobolds and quickly make friends with them, whose names are: Zook, Alustin, Avin Boodyknock, Frug, Gurbo, Auren, Seabo, Waren, Filchbatter, Stumbleduck, and Pock. As Zashir and Kerri head down the stairs, Vadania decides to "hide in the showers".  After pausing for a game of dice, Kerri pays each Kolbold 1 gold and the group leaves the room. They head down the stairs and run into the blue half dragon, who is excited to see Kerri alive. The immediatly engage in combat, Kerri grappling with the large creature. The battle is close but Kerri manages to defeat the blue half dragon. We find a chest that contains 1500 gold worth of items, and the group continues on. They find a wooden ladder which they climb up and find that at the top it is covered by a rug, and scribbling can be heard from above. Vadania stealthily pulls up from underneath the rug and finds the scribbling to be coming from none other than Frulan Mondath, the commander of the raiders. Having been subdued by her before, Vadania is overcome by a powerful bloodlust and kills Frulan Mondath before she can even respond. Having dismantled the raider leadership, the adventurers return to Greenest, bringing news of their triumph, and of the intel on shipments of gold being sent north. 

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