Thursday, October 16, 2014

The story goes on (Rett part 2)

       Morning dawns in Greenest and Vadania (Rett) and Sharakaka (Leah) are summoned by the governor. They meet Auric (Ben), a cleric who looks like a half-elf. The governor offers 250 gold to scout out the raider's camp to find out who they are, why they want to attack and where they will attack next.
       Leaving the town, we run into a man with a bandaged leg. His name is Nesim and he tells us that the raiders are probably about to head out. We follow the tracks of the raiders across the plains of Greenrest and eventually come to the raiders camp in a rugged area. The camp contains several humans and kolbolds, and the human weapons are resting off to the side. The adventurers sneak through the camp and manage to steal the human cultist's weapons as the raiders argue.
       Sharakaka walks into the camp and greets the cultists and kobolds. As this is happening, Auric covers her in a warm red light and casts dancing lights around the camp. The raiders run away in fear as Auric reveals himself. The adventurers make short work of the cultists and interrogate one, finding out that the camp is full of around 100 cultists and 50 mercenaries. The adventurers kill the cultist, explore the camp and leave, heading south. They are walking along a path when boulders fall, that Auric and Vadania. It was an ambush of 9 cultists, with two acolytes and a guard. The battle was fierce, and Sharakaka was slain in the heat of it. After this battle Vadania and Auric take a long rest, waiting for a reinforcement sent from Greenest.
       This reinforcement comes in the form of Zashir (Leah), a Noble Human Cleric who was after similar targets as Sharakaka. That morning, the three head out to the camp, and gaze at it across a clearing.  The group decide to infiltrate the camp, posing as initiates to the Dragon Queen Tiamat. They meet Frulam Mondath, the commander of the raiders, a purple cape wearer. She decides to have the adventurers work menial jobs, with Auric and Vadania in the kitchen, and Zashir cleaning drake feces. Zashir runs into several prisoners from Greenest and attempts to grab some food for them. When Auric steps out with the head chef, Vadania is recognized by the blue half dragon walking through the camp. She is taken and tied up in the middle of the camp with a monk named Leosin, who has been in the camp for several days. Vadania unties herself and meets up with Auric and Zashir, who were at a religious gathering. The adventurers return to Leosin and escape the camp without any further difficulties.

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