Thursday, October 16, 2014

Death....Mourn for Sharakaka

With Kerri in hospital, we set out with a new companion Auric. He's ridiculously optimistic. The mayor of this town promises us money if we go scout out places.We follow the raiders. some guy asks us to look for his master who is probably dead.

We come across a camp with some cultists and kobolds. We steal the cultists weapons while they all argue. The kobolds angrily go to eat their lunch in a different location than the cultists. Food is quite the touchy subject.

Sharakaka wanders into the camp and is exceedingly friendly. Arric makes her glow red. We terrify the cultists and kobolds until they attack us.
We capture one cultist. Sidney,"you don't have to roll to slit someone's throat; you just do it."

A voice sings "we're off to see the raiding camp" to the tune of we're off to see the wizard.

AMBUSH! Rocks fall and smash Sharakaka on the head. she is badly wounded. It's a bloody battle. Sharakaka is stabbed to the point of death, holds on through some feat of endurance, but is then knocked unconscious. The others bravely fight on. Sharakaka bleeds out and dies. ;-; It is tragic. 

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